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Equipment: WECO style Hammer Union Wing Union& Union Seal Kits
Equipment Type: Conveyor Equipment -> Others
Unit Type: RUBBER
Technical Parameters: FIG1502 2
Post Time: 2016-12-05
Main Features: BETTER KEMPER BULLDOG style Air O Grip Union & Air Tube Seal-O-Grip Unions w/ Nitrile Pneumatic Tube air-inflatable connectors for low-pressure fluid or mud suction and return lines; Carbon steel body welds in place on mud tanks or manifold pipe, with NBR air tube for sealing even if the connecting pipe is not perfectly aligned; Available sizes in 4”-16” Equivalent to KEMPER Seal-O-Grip Union, BULLDOG Air Grip Union Assembly ( Air Grip Union + Inflatable Tube) P/N: P480, P680, P880, P1080, P1280, P1480, P1680
Usage: BETTER KEMPER BULLDOG style Hammer Seal Union Hammerseal Unions / Tank Unions/ to join mud tanks without the work associated with flanged connections quickly; Even if the tanks are not aligned perfectly, still made up tight for a non-leak seal; Sealing fluid pressures up to 150 psi against the outside diameter of the connecting pipe. Including O-ring, available sizes in 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” Equivalent to KEMPER Hammer-seal Union, BULLDOG Mud Tank Union P/N: PS400A, PS600A, PS800A, PS100A, PS120A, PS140A, PS160A, PS180A, PS200A
Description: BETTER FMC WECO style Hammer Union Wing Union& Union Seal Kits Hammer unions are widely used in the fluid or mud manifolds, it was divided by union color code, to use for lower-pressure, middle-pressure and high-pressure standard trim or H2S trim; Equivalent to FMC WECO Wing Union Available sizes in Fig100, Fig101, Fig200, Fig201, Fig206, Fig207, Fig211, Fig300, Fig400, Fig402, Fig600, Fig602, Fig1002, Fig1003, Fig1502, Fig2002, Fig2202. All the exported hammer unions are made of 35CrMo alloy steel with quality seals. Our hammer union seals ,O-ring, Lip seal rings, stainless steel backed seal rings, and brass backed seal rings are available in Buna, Viton, Buna with a brass ring, Viton with a stainless steel ring, and Teflon. There are other sizes and materials available. Part No.: HOGHUO206B2; HOGHUO206B3; HOGHUSB2; HOGHUSB3; HOGHUSB4; HOGHUSBB2; HOGHUSBB3; HOGHUSBB4; HOGHUSV2; HOGHUSV3; HOGHUSV4; HOGHUSVSS2; HOGHUSVSS3; HOGHUSVSS4; HOGHUST2; HOGHUST3; HOGHUST4 Fig. 206 Hammer Union O-Ring Seal, 2", 3” Buna Hammer Union Seal, 2", 3”, 4”, Buna Hammer Union Seal, 2", 3”, 4”, Buna w/ Brass Ring Hammer Union Seal, 2", 3”, 4”, Viton Hammer Union Seal, 2", 3”, 4”, Viton w/ Stainless Steel Ring Hammer Union Seal, 2", 3”, 4”, Teflon Materials: Union Seals in 1” to 4” line pipe sizes in: •80 Nitrile •80 Viton •90 Viton •80 HNBR •Available in Guiberson and Weco Styles We manufacture compatible Hammer Union Seals (Lip Seal) for Weco Hammer Union Seals. Please contact our sales if you are interested in any of our products. Sales Manager Att.: Anna BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited info[a] Skype: betterdrilling2008 MSN: better_china [a]
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