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Equipment: DEMCO Butterfly Valves NE-C style Wafer Lug BFV
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Others
Technical Parameters: LUG AND WAFER TYPE
Post Time: 2018-01-03
Main Features: Material available: Body- Ductile iron, Cast Iron Stem-416SS Disc-316SS, Aluminum Bronze, Nickle plated Ductile Iron Seat-Buna-N, Viton, EPDM, Black Neoprene, Hypalon, Natural Rubber, While Neoprene, or special on request Temperature within resilient seat limits Buna-N, 0-180 F°, for hydrocarbon or petroleum Black Neoprene & While Neoprene, 0-180 F°, for food, beverage, vegetable oil, oxygen Viton, +20-300 F°, excellent in harsh chemical and elevated temperatures Hypalon, 0-180 F°, excellent in acids and very high chemical resistant Natural Rubber, +30-150 F°, for dry material high abrasion resistance, no used for oil EPDM, +30-275 F°, for food except of edible oil and milk
Usage: DEMCO NE-C style Available in sizes 2”-12”, wafer and lug design General style with flange locating holes 2”-64” Wafer and Lug type available, soft seal & hard seal, Handle and wheel operation BETTER Butterfly valves available in 2’-12” DN50-DN300, Equivalent to DEMCO NE-C series BFV. Water and Lug design, identical with NE-C style 2”-12” 10 position locking handle One piece body to assure high strength and minimum weight, cast in water and lug pattern, rating at ANSI Class 150 (285 psi non-shock) Top flange with large mounting area for automatic or manual actuators Disc & seat are configured for low pressure and high flow coefficients Replaceable seat in a wide range of materials of NBR, VITON, EPDM or upon request Three tight pressure ratings 285psi, 200psi, 50psi; 200psi shutoff is widely used; Bi-directional with identical flow-way from either face, easy installation & disassembly, inspection, ment of parts; Application in chemical plants, processing plants, power plants, refineries, shipbuilding, pulp and paper mills, also for heating, ventilation and air condition. Low cost and light weight to low pressure water, oil, stream, gas and slurry application
Description: Part no. reference: Eg. 6” (150 mm) NE-C, 200 psi, Wafer, Standard Trim with Handle – 22124-1215311 200 psi 22119 22120 22121 22122 22123 22124 22125 22126 22127 285 psi 22225 22226 22227 22228 22229 22230 22231 22232 22233 50 psi 22234 22235 22236 22237 22238 22239 22240 22241 22242 1112311 1114311 1115311 1122311 1124311 1125311 1212311 1214311 1215311 1222311 1224311 1225311 5112311 5114311 5115311 5122311 5124311 5125311 5212311 5214311 5215311 5222311 5224311 5225311
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