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Equipment: Pyramid Screens Shale Shaker Replacement screens
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Others
Unit Type: screen
Technical Parameters: 1150x700mm
Post Time: 2018-05-03
Main Features: We can supply a wide scope of shaker ment screens, compatible with below Brand Shakers or Customized; Derrickk®, FLC®, 313/626/503/504/2000 Derrickk® Equipment Company M-I® SWACO® Mongoose®, Meerkat®, Manut®, ALS®, BEM® M-I SWACO®, a Schlumberger® company NOV® Brandt® VSM300®, VSM100®, COBRA® & KING COBRA®, LCM ® NOV® Brandt® KTL-48®, KPT-28® KEMTRON Technologies FSI® 5000 Fluids System® Scomi® Prima G Scomi Group Double Life® PT Double Life Corporation VORTEX® VORTEX® Fluid System Inc.
Usage: Welcome to BETTER DRILLING FLUID EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIAL LIMITED (BETTER), a China based company focused on manufacturing and supplying high-quality ment screens at competitive prices. Please browse our brochure to learn more about our products. BETTER, located in Dezhou, Shandong, we are an innovative company ready to fulfill your needs. We manufacture a complete line of ment screens for all shale shakers in the oil field drilling industry. We are independently owned and geared to provide excellent service, competitive prices, and experienced technical support. We guarantee quick deliveries from stock at our streamlined manufacturing plant. We have been proudly serving you with superior products and unbeatable service. Our products are used on oilfield, mining, and industrial equipment. Whether your shaker is linear, elliptical, or circular in motion, we can provide a screen to fit your needs. Contact us for order information
Description: We manufacture a complete line of ment shaker screens. As well as we can custom build for any size custom shaker. Screen Type: Composite frame screen Steel frame screen Pyramid screen Hook strip flat screen Hook strip soft screen Framed/Pre-tensioned Polyurethane material screen SCOMI Prima G 1175 x 610mm M-I Swaco Mongoose(MMNG) 23” x 45.875” 1165 X 585MM e.g. JMONXR165C, JMONXL084C M-I Swaco Meerkat series 23” x 45.875” e.g. JMONMG020C, JMONHC105C M-I Swaco ALS 4X4 (S4X) 45.25” x 47.75” 1212 x 1141 mm e.g. J/WSWAXR120L, J/WSWAXL230F M-I Swaco BEM-3 45.5” X 35.5” 1155 x 903mm e.g. JBM3XL200L BEM-6 36” X 27.5” 908 x 700mm e.g. WBM6XR050C M-I Swaco MAMUT 1115 x 763mm Derrickk® FLC 48X30 2000 series (D4830) 41.125” x 27.5” 1050 x 700 mm PWP & PWD e.g. J/WD48XR084L, JD48XR105B, J/WD48XL200F Derrickk® FLC 500 series (D500) 41.5” x 27.5” 1050mm x 695mm PWP & PMD e.g. J/WD50XL050C, J/WD500XL230C, JD50XL150N Derrick® FLC 300 series (D300) 33.25” x 27.5” 846X697 PWP e.g. JD30XR120L, JD30XL325L Derrick® hyperfool PMD 1070 x 570 mm NOV Brandt King Cobra / Cobra (BCBR) 25” x 49.3125” 1250 x 635 x 25mm e.g. JBHXXR325C, JBHXXL038C NOV Brandt LCM-2D / 3D (BL2D) hook strip 25” x 49.3125” 1250 x 635mm e.g. J/WL2DXR084L NOV Brandt NOV 285P &385P (BHDX) 28” x 46.5” e.g. J380XR230M NOV Brandt VSM300 primary ( B300) 27” x 35.5” 902 x 686mm e.g. W300XR165J, W300XL400J NOV Brandt VSM300 scalper 26.4” x 36.8” 676 x 940mm, VSM300 secondary drying 27” x8.1” 686 x 208mm e.g. W300MG060T, W300TB145Y NOV Brandt VSM100 primary ( B100) 25” x 36.25” e.g. W100XR180C NOV Brandt BRANDT 4”X5”/B40 1220 X1524mm NOV Brandt FLUID SYSTEM (FSI5000) 36” x48” 1067 x 737mm e.g. JFBTXR230M, 29” X 42” JFLDXL200M KEM-TRON KPT 28(KT28) 28.25” x 49.25” 1250 x 720mm e.g. J28KXR165M, J28KXL270M Please contact our sales if you are interested in any of our products. Sales Manager Att.: Anna BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited info[a] Skype: betterdrilling2008 MSN: better_china [a]
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