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Equipment: Mud System Security Mud Gas Separator Flare Ignition System
Equipment Type: Vacuum Equipment
Unit Type: security
Technical Parameters: Main body 800mm
Post Time: 2017-08-07
Main Features: Flare Ignition System To burn out the harmful gas collected from the mud gas separator in the oil& gas drilling field; To ensure the drilling security and protect the environment; Electrical power charge or solar energy charge for optional; The power for the electric can be direct industry power or battery for remote area application Remote control by PLC is available. Technical Parameters Model DH20/3 Burner(Torch) Nominal Diameter DN200 Burner Height 3m Charging Power 100V-240V~50/60hz Ignition voltage 16KV Ignition frequency 100~1000 times/minute Dimension 1710×600×3200mm Weight 400kg
Usage: Mud Gas Separator To remove the big bubbles ≥Φ3mm from the drilling fluid or H2S gas; Positioned before shale shaker to adjust the drilling fluid’s gravity and viscosity ratios; Usually, to combine work with Flare Ignition System to ensure the drilling security and smoothly. Technical Parameters Model ZYQ800 ZYQ1000 ZYQ1200 Treating capacity 200~260m3/h 240~300m3/h 280~360m3/h Main body 800mm 1000mm 1200mm Tank wall thickness 10mm 10mm 12mm Inlet 5" 5" 5" Outlet 8" 8" 10" Gas Vent-pipe 8" 8" 8"
Description: BETTER Fluid Processing Vacuum Degasser high Efficiency Remove the small entrained gas bubbles suspended in the drilling fluid by gas separator such as H2S, CO2, and natural gas; Positioned after shale shaker before hydrocyclones and centrifuge; As a large agitator for the drilling mud to help desander and desilter’s treatment; Brand electrical components of ABB, Siemens, and Schneider adopted; Explosion-proof motor adopted. Treating capacity 240m3/h - 360m3/h Main diameter 700-1000mm Vacuum -0.02~-0.065MPa Efficiency ≥95% EX Standard ExdⅡBT4 Motor Power 15kW-37kw Vacuum Power 2.2kw-7.5kw Please contact our sales if you are interested in any of our products. Sales Manager Att.: Anna BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited info[a] Skype: betterdrilling2008 MSN: better_china [a]
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