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Equipments detail
Equipment: Mud Mixing Hopper Mud Agitator Mud Gun
Equipment Type: Mixing Equipment -> Mixer
Unit Type: Assembly
Technical Parameters: 6” mud hopper with optional venture
Post Time: 2016-12-22
Main Features:
Usage: Jet-Venturi Mud Hopper We manufacture 4” and 6” mud mixing hoppers with standard flow rates from 130 GPM to 830 GPM, primarily used for shearing hard to mix additives, and adjust the drilling fluid’s density, viscosity by adding chemical additives; Working Pressure 0.25~0.4Mpa Size: 6” x 6”, 6” x 5”, 4” x 4” Hoppe Diameter: 750 x 750 mm & 500 x 500mm 6” mud hopper with optional venture BETTER Mud Hopper has no moving parts, 4 major components of Hopper, Valve, Jet nozzle, and Venturi pipe. To combine with centrifugal sand pump, manifolds, and butterfly valve, flexible couplings and base to be Jet Mud Mixer; Single or double jet mud mixer is both available
Description: Mud Gun To clean the tank wall and corner to prevent the solids sediment in the mud tank; To work combining with mud agitator and centrifugal sand pump or shear pump together to finish the agitation process; 2” and 3” inlet pipe for optional, it depends on the tank size; Low pressure, middle pressure, high pressure are classified for optional; Good sealing and wear-resisting able nozzle, regular cleaning the mud gun nozzle to prevent blockage; Simple structure design, easy operation and better treatment efficiency.
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