BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited

WECO style Hammer Union Wing Union& Union Seal Kits

Equipment Type:Others
Unit Type:RUBBER
Technical Parameters:FIG1502 2

DEMCO Butterfly Valves NE-C style Wafer Lug BFV

Equipment Type:Others
Technical Parameters:LUG AND WAFER TYPE

Pyramid Screens Shale Shaker Replacement screens

Equipment Type:Others
Unit Type:screen
Technical Parameters:1150x700mm

Mud System Security Mud Gas Separator Flare Ignition System

Equipment Type:Vacuum Equipment
Unit Type:security
Technical Parameters:Main body 800mm

Mud Mixing Hopper Mud Agitator Mud Gun

Equipment Type:Mixer
Unit Type:Assembly
Technical Parameters:6” mud hopper with optional venture

BETTER Solid Control Mud Cleaner Drilling Fluid Desander Desilte

Equipment Type:Tank
Unit Type:with shale shaker
Technical Parameters:6X5X14

Mud system Solid Control Equipment Mud Tank

Equipment Type:Vacuum Equipment
Unit Type:Carbon steel weld
Technical Parameters:6X5X14
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